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You’re geared up, have your license and have picked out a hunting spot at the very least. The big day has arrived and it’s officially time for your first hunt. Congratulations! You are about to embark on a hobby that men and women from all over the world have enjoyed for centuries. The pastime of kings and paupers alike, hunting is an experience like none other. Whether you bring an animal home with you at the end of the day or not, you will be able to soak up some incredible scenery, spot animals you may have otherwise never seen outside of a National Geographic show and get some fresh, clean air in your lungs. Before you head off to try and spot your game, there are some last-minute tips that can help you on the hunt and even help keep you a little safer. Following them won’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll make the shot, but they can help make your day go a whole lot easier. Remember, any day in the woods or in a blind is better than a day in the office! THE BUDDY SYSTEM IS A MUST Chances are strong if you’re truly a newbie hunter that you will have a more experienced person along for the ride. Making sure this is so is important for a few very good reasons. Hunting with a buddy is vital for these reasons: • It can keep you safer Even if you and your buddy set up your hunts a half-mile downstream from each other, it’s always a good idea to go out in pairs. When you have a hunting buddy, that person will know where you are supposed to be and will be available to assist if something goes awry. It is always a good idea to make sure “buddies” know exactly where each other will set up and to set advance times for meeting up at the end of the day. If one of you doesn’t show up at the set time, the other can take appropriate steps to find the missing person and ensure that everything is OK. Should you venture out completely alone and a problem arises, it could take some time before someone finds you or even knows to look for you. • It can help you with game Dragging large game out of the woods is generally best as a two-person job. Whether it’s you or your buddy who tags an animal, having someone else along can be important. If one of you makes a shot and the animal bolts, it is often easier for two people to track the animal than just one. Following a blood trail is much easier for two to accomplish than just one. • The advice can prove invaluable It is always a very good idea for a new hunter to seek out help from a more experienced hunter. When you pair up with a veteran, you’ll gain a world of useful advice on not only hunting, but also navigating in natural terrain. To make sure the buddy system works well for both you and your partner, keep these tips in mind: • Don’t set up on top of each other You don’t want to be too close or too far away from each other. Ideally, you’ll be close enough to help each other if something comes up, but far enough away not to ruin each other’s shots. • Make sure you know the exact location of the other’s setup Having a good handle on the setup location of your buddy is important not only for keeping shots solid, but also safety. Never shoot in the exact direction of your buddy’s location if the range is close. • Establish rendezvous times Do set a prearranged time to meet up at the end of the hunt. Having a watch along for this reason is important. • Establish calls You don’t necessarily want to communicate with your “buddy” verbally during the thick of a hunt. This is especially so if you are out of whispering distance from each other. Establish calls that won’t scare off game to alert the other person that you might require his or her assistance. Don’t disrupt your buddy’s hunt unless it is truly necessary, however. Going on a hunt alone can be fraught with perils. To avoid accidents, getting lost or simply not having the ability to bring home a kill, do make sure to pair up with someone you can rely on. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Hello my name is Crystal W. Rodriquez. I live in 1152 Stonepot Road Jersey City, NJ 07302. I am very like hunting.If you also like hunting, it's great ! I am so happy to know you because I also love to hunting. Hunting gives me a strong feeling and relieve work pressure. I have gone hunting for 2 years and I also have some experience. I made this blog to share my hobby to people like me and record the exciting experiences that I went through. This is a new post :


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